Thursday, May 9, 2013

Blog Post #11: Reflection

Over the course of this class, I have learned a great deal about fairy tales and folk tales.  We've read a great variety of stories, ranging from the classic Grimm tales to newer ones to tales from all over the world such as India and Africa.  It was a good selection of stories because it covered all areas.  I have learned about different fairy tale motifs and archetypes, as well as the common story lines.  I have learned how Jung, Freud, and feminists would analyze each fairy tale.  Learning about stories from different countries really helped to bring everything together.  We saw that there were common themes in all fairy tales around the world, which was interesting to learn.  Fairy tales have been adapted in many ways over the years, such as for cartoons, music videos, movies, and television.  Looking at these extra elements really made me come to understand the prominence of these tales in our lives.  The analytical books, such as Bettelheim's and von Franz's, were also very helpful because they provided an insight into the world of fairy tales.  The material wasn't very challenging for me, and this is probably due to the fact that I enjoyed reading the stories.  Reading different fairy tales were better than a dense textbook.  The only challenging part was trying to analyze each fairy tale and understand the deeper meaning behind the tale.  I think I spent enough time reading the material in order to understand it.  The only part I wish I had done differently was to have taken notes as I was reading.  Overall, this was a great class and I learned a lot from it that I will probably remember for years to come.

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