Friday, March 1, 2013

Blog #5: Jung and Fairy Tales

While reading fairy tales, a relationship can clearly be seen between them and Carl Jung's theories and views.  Jung believed that a person's psyche is made up of the ego, which controls normal activities, the personal unconscious, which is made up of the unconscious and preconscious unique to each individual, and the collective unconscious.  The collective unconscious is a universal unconscious.  Jung believed that everyone had experiences and representations that were shared amongst themselves. One part of this unconscious are archetypes, universal symbols that everyone recognizes.  Dr. Mazeroff gave a few of these archetypes in this lecture.  These were the Wise Old Man, Primeval Forest, Evil Stepmother, Eternal Child, and Trickster.  He explained how these archetypes were frequently seen in fairy tales.  For example, the Evil Stepmother in Cinderella and the Forest that Hansel and Gretel travel through.  These archetypes can be seen in many fairy tales because they are something everyone understands and recognizes as a result of the collective unconscious.

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